Server Team 20090630 meeting minutes

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at
Wed Jul 1 09:11:45 UTC 2009


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with
the irc logs here:

==== Hadoop ====

ttx created a draft spec document[1] where he copied his notes on Hadoop
packaging: the analysis of the dependencies that would need to be
packaged and a review of the current Hadoop deb packaging by Cloudera.
Anyone interested in packaging Hadoop can take the spec (and
blueprint[2]) from here to make it a reality.


==== Asterisk ====

jmdault confirmed that the target for karmic should be Asterisk 1.6, as
there is not so much interest around in keeping 1.4. Upstream in
particular doesn't commit[3] to any particular stable version. jmdault
will start working on a 1.6 version of his DKMS-enabled Asterisk packaging.

ACTION: jmdault to start packaging asterisk 1.6+dkms


==== ubuntu-tips ====

nijaba created a wikipage[4] and asked[5] for comments about it. He
reported no strong reaction against it from the community, more of an
approval. The next step is to create an ubuntu-tips package, even if
there aren't many tips so far on the page, as they can be added later.
ttx asked about rules on what makes an acceptable tip, and nijaba will
add proposed rules to the wikipage. ttx also pointed out the need to be
able to follow-up on some tips, so rules on what would make a good
external reference link are also needed.

ACTION: nijaba to add rules detailing what makes a relevant tip and
what's not


==== Review progress made on specifications listed on the Roadmap ====

ttx commented that the current ServerTeam/Roadmap[6] document is
slightly out of date, so a general overhaul of that page seems to be
needed. This should be discussed as a specific agenda point in the next
meeting, so that everyone can prepare to the discussion.

ACTION: ttx to add Roadmap Review to next meeting agenda

As far as KarmicReleaseSchedule is concerned, please note that we passed
DebianImportFreeze last week, so now syncs from Debian are subject to
specific sync requests. Next milestone is Alpha3 release on July 23.


==== Open Discussion ====

alexm reported multiple recent requests about monitoring tools. zul
mentioned nagios as the recommended tool, but alexm noticed that there
wasn't any mention of it in the Server Guide. sommer indicated that
there is a nagios section in the Karmic Server Guide, however the only
way to access it so far is to pull the bzr branch. sommer will make sure is updated. alexm offered to review this section contents.

==== Agree on next meeting date and time ====

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 7th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

Thierry Carrez
Ubuntu server team

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