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 As for LTS, of course LTS is what really matters. However, I think it could
be done to have a working skeleton of the program (if we write it from
scratch) or even more if we use ebox/webmin by 9.04. 10.04 (Loopy Lynx) will
definitely need a program such as one we are dicussing here.

With eBox's "bloat": Was that when you installed all modules, or just the
defaults? I'm not familiar with it, but I know it is a flexible program.

P.S. sorry for emailing only you on accident. Gmail doesn't handle mailing
lists intuitively.

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As far as the X problem you mention, you have a point. However, what about
piping the X functions through SSH to a remote machine if you want a GUI?
You don't HAVE to install X on the server, right?

On 6/5/08, Miano, Steven M. <Steven.Miano at> wrote:
> Just a server admins pov:
> >GUI for administration: There is still the webmin vs. eBox question.I
> >honestly haven't used eBox, and it's been a while since I tampered with
> >webmin (I don't have internet at home for my server...) but the opints made
> >were:
> >--Webmin can break config files, and is more low level
> >--eBox is higher level, and has its own configuration files... I forget
> the >problem with it.
> Webmin:
> Coming from HP-UX, I can honestly say that a GUI is much more appealing to
> younger system administrators. I've been administrating servers now for
> about eight years, and would say that a GUI can be both a hindrance and a
> blessing. I would hope that what ever the end result is that there is an
> option/switch during the install to go with a CLI environment only, or to
> optionally add the GUI for those that would prefer/want it.
> When I initially started working with Ubuntu I was directed towards Webmin
> on 6.06, and 6.06.1. Webmin was a simple tar/gz file that was installed in
> minutes and easy to access manipulate.
> Ebox:
> After two years of working on Ubuntu I've given up on Webmin preferring to
> access my configurations through SSH and hand-jamming if it's needed. Just
> recently the e-box name kept on sprouting up and curiosity catching the cat
> had me run: sudo apt-get install ebox. I immediately aborted the install
> after seeing all of the 64 packages that would be required along side it.
> I run linux servers so that I know what I have on the system (bloat less),
> having to install a slew of packages is highly dissuading to a server admin
> in my opinion.
> >Timeframe: 9.04 seems reasonable. This is almost a year to get a
> reasonable >beta product out, whether we're making our own or modifying
> webmin/eBox. >Intrepid is too close, as people are working on the first
> "point" for Hardy >as well, and there are only 5 months til release.
> Honestly most of the server/system administrators that I know would not
> update/upgrade OS's between LTS, so the push for Intrepid Ibis, or even 9.04
> seems rushed, for betas, or zero points that would be great - especially for
> the home users, but directed toward commercial (small/medium), the LTS would
> really be the deal maker/breaker. In my mind if there is a slip-streamed,
> small footprint GUI (be it web or app based), the LTS should be the end
> goal.
> >One question I have: Is a web interface really the way to go? Will
> >enterprise users go for having to have a web server to run admin services?
> >In my personal view, it would be more reasonable to develop a program for
> >Ubuntu that could have a GUI front made for it. An actual program is more
> >pro than a web interface.
> Right now the landscape project through canonical is also a web-based gui
> for server admins with 5+ servers under their areas of responsibilities and
> should also be researched for its value as well.
> >Try to input on everything you feel you can contribute to (suggestions,
> >help, etc.) Thanks.
> I apologize if I'm pushing filler on the list, but just thought I'd throw
> my .02 in here for you guys. I'm sure there are many others in my situation
> with the same paradigm.
> Cheers,
> Steven
> (MianoSM)
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