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Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Mon Feb 18 17:53:51 UTC 2008

FYI - this affects ubuntu-server and the virtual builds also.
The question of why sound stuff was in the jeos system came up often.
This makes sense offhand to me....

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I'm moving alsa-base and alsa-utils from the minimal seed to desktop-common
following a conversation on #ubuntu-devel. I thought the rationale might be
interesting to copy here for the record.

  <mtaylor> um... why does ubuntu-minimal depend on alsa-base alsa-utils? Do I really need sound on a minimal system?
  <crimsun_> that point has been raised several times.
  <mtaylor> ok
  <mtaylor> any chance there's a ranting web page explaining the choice somewhere?
  <crimsun_> I don't know offhand.
  <Nafallo> crimsun_: what's your opinion on that one? :-)
  <Nafallo> just curious
  <crimsun_> it should be at most Recommends.
   * mtaylor thinks that if we think sound is an integral part of the system, there should be an alternate ubuntu-server package one can install ...
  <Nafallo> yea. of standard :-)
  <mtaylor> Nafallo++
  <Nafallo> mtaylor: all servers are diverse and different. so I don't believe in a server seed
  <mtaylor> Nafallo: I don't really either...
  <mtaylor> Nafallo: I'm just saying that if minimal is going to stick desktop need in... I would like a server thing that doesn't have them
  <Nafallo> hehe
  <cjwatson> mtaylor: the reason we put that stuff in ubuntu-minimal is because alsa-* is needed for stability of hardware detection
  <mtaylor> cjwatson: wow. really?
  <cjwatson> mtaylor: all possible server profiles are by design supersets of minimal
  <cjwatson> we certainly won't be offering anything that's less than that
  <mtaylor> cjwatson: I would certainly expect them to be supersets of minimal
  <cjwatson> I would like to see stuff organised such that we didn't need alsa-* in minimal for stability though
  <mtaylor> I would agree.
  <mtaylor> I can understand their existence there for that reason - but I would suggest that it's a bug in hardware detection that that is the case
  <cjwatson> it's not as important as it used to be, actually
  <cjwatson> it used to be that the installer was two-stage; after installing a minimal system, it rebooted to install everything else, and then dropped you into the final system without rebooting again
  <cjwatson> so, if stuff like alsa-base that provides /etc/modprobe.d files and alsa-utils that provides udev rules weren't installed in the first pass, your first boot would be different from all the rest
  <cjwatson> however, in dapper, we finally got the installer reorganised so that it could all operate in a single stage
  <cjwatson> so I think there is now a case for moving alsa-* to desktop
  <cjwatson> crimsun_: what do you think?
  <crimsun_> cjwatson: agreed.


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