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On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 6:37 PM, Nick Barcet <nick.barcet at>

> I think we might be confusing targets.  Short polls are a great tool to
> get instant opinions on a specific feature or question.  A survey is
> however not a poll.  A survey is a way to get a picture on where you are
> at and where you could/should go.  Both tools have their uses, but are
> quite different...


My thoughts on the matter is that surveys should be conducted at
specific intervals, such as 3 months or at 6 months (releases).

Polls on the other hand, as stated should be for instant opinion.
These we can do ad-hoc as needed, such as if we recognize
a particular issue with a software package or a particular
approach we would like to take.

> Now, it is clear that there is no guarantees on how many people will go
> through the full survey, and that unless we get at least a hundred
> responses, it will not have much validity, but we won't know until we
> try, won't we?

Agreed again.  Part and parcel of doing something like this is ensuring that
we as the sponsors of the survey effectively communicate to the community
to participate.  By that, I mean posting on the forums, the mailing-list
I think everyone who reads it should know by now), I would add that
we should also get it onto planet, fridge and the newsletter.


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