What is the makeup of the server team?

Dan Trevino dantrevino at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 19:27:21 UTC 2008

I'm more on your side of the fence than the developer side.  While I've been
saddled with some real work projects that haven't allowed me time to do
anything Ubuntu server related in the past 6 months, when i did have time, I
found the developers helpful.

That being said, I've found this team is more of a server contribution team
than a server support team.


On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Michael Hipp <Michael at hipp.com> wrote:

> I know nothing about the makeup or organization of the server team (or any
> of
> Ubuntu for that matter).
> Laying awake last night retracing my unfortunate flame war with Soren, I
> began
> to ponder root causes. And I came up with an answer. Even though it may be
> wrong.
> So I'm hoping to gain some information and understanding by asking an odd
> question...
> What's the makeup of the Ubuntu server team? More specifically, does it
> include influential representation from people (sorta like me) who are
> attempting to scrape out a living deploying Ubuntu on bottom-of-the-barrel
> lowest low-end hardware, installing those machines in deplorable
> conditions,
> and with nothing remotely resembling an I/T infrastructure (facilities or
> people) to support the server?
> The above isn't intended to form the basis of an accusation or complaint. I
> just sense a big difficult-to-cross gulf between folks who, for example,
> have
> the ability to remotely manipulate a server that isn't even running versus
> those of us out here in the hillbilly backwater who think that a high end
> server is one with a CD-ROM drive. (I can elaborate but am trying to avoid
> rambling.)
> Can someone give me a thumbnail of the makeup and organization of the
> server team?
> Thanks,
> Michael Hipp
> "After you cross the creek, turn at the first gate, drive past the hay barn
> and park under the big sweetgum tree. Your server will be ready as soon as
> I've fixed the downed fences over in the northwest corner."
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