JeOS support/documentation for gutsy, plans for hardy

Neal McBurnett neal at
Tue Nov 20 07:20:12 UTC 2007

I think it would be timely to talk some more about JeOS, so I put this
on the agenda for tomorrow:

 JeOS support/documentation for gutsy, plans for hardy

We've got a nice press release and coverage, but not much helpful
stuff for users.

Here are a few links and thoughts.


See e.g.
and existing discussion at

for the sorts of questions that many users are bringing up.

Gutsy JeOS documentation:
 Use a wiki page to talk about the .iso and linux-virtual kernel
   and ubuntu-jeos-builder? ?
 ( is very helpful on networking....)

Mailing list - need a separate list to better include users?
 and use the server team list for development?

Backport of ubuntu-jeos-builder to gutsy?  Use ppas?
 Already much more fun/useful than the ISO I think.

Neal McBurnett       

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