Ubuntu JeOS 7.10 released

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 15 22:39:06 GMT 2007

The Ubuntu team is happy to announce the first release of Ubuntu JeOS,
Ubuntu JeOS 7.10.  Pronounced "juice", Ubuntu JeOS (Just Enough Operating
System) is an efficient variant of Ubuntu configured specifically for
virtual appliances.

ISVs looking to develop virtual appliances will have a compelling platform
in Ubuntu JeOS, an OS optimised for virtualisation that greatly reduces the
complexity and maintenance overhead normally associated with general purpose
operating systems.  Ubuntu JeOS Edition has been tuned to take advantage of
key performance technologies of the latest virtualisation products from
VMware. This combination of reduced size and optimized performance ensures
that Ubuntu JeOS Edition delivers a highly efficient use of server resources
in large virtual deployments.

You can read more about Ubuntu JeOS in the following press release:


To Get Ubuntu JeOS 7.10

The JeOS 7.10 CD image for x86 systems can be found at:


Currently JeOS is available as a 32-bit flavor only.

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution for desktop, server and mobile, which is fast
to install and easy to run.  The Ubuntu project makes no distinction between
a free edition and an enterprise edition - our best work is freely available
to all. 

Used by businesses, home users, schools, and governments around the world,
Ubuntu offers regular releases, a selection of excellent packages installed
by default and professional commercial technical support from Canonical, the
commercial sponsor of the project.

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