Ubuntuguide.org Considered Harmful

Kristian Hermansen kristian.hermansen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 13:22:14 UTC 2007


Be wary of Ubuntuguide.org.  When users first encountered it, they consider it
to be a great resource.  Everything you might need to do is in one
place with info how to accomplish a goal.  However, the problem is
that using Ubuntuguide.org may result in your system becoming broken
or incorrectly configured.  The guide is not always correct, and you
may break your system, especially when it comes to upgrade to the next
release of Ubuntu.  Much of this has to do with adding third party
sources to your APT configuration.  When you do this, your system
could be stable for a few months, until you decide to move to Gutsy,
and then you wonder why Ubuntu
fails to upgrade!

Please please please use http://wiki.ubuntu.com or the other
help/community resources at the official Ubuntu domain ahead of any
other resource.  Once you realized that Ubuntuguide is harmful, make
every effort to support the official wiki and add items there.  Some
people on this list may not realize the harm that can be done if you
add unofficial items to your APT sources.  This is one of the major
issues with UG, as they are always suggesting you do this.  With
Ubuntu,  you normally don't need to do this, since most software is in
the hosted repositories.  Again, Ubuntuguide.org should be avoided at
all times...
Kristian Hermansen

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