3ware 9650se

David Kempe dave at solutionsfirst.com.au
Tue Jun 5 05:08:57 UTC 2007

Ante Karamatić wrote:
> I could only say that 9650 is the best SATA controller I've worked with. 
> As for 5TB... If you create >2TB partition, make sure you have BIOS that 
> supports EFI boot loaders and install EFI loader after install, but 
> before reboot. If that's not the case, create small disk (not 
> partition!) for /. If you are doing software raid, then you will not 
> have these problems.

thanks. thats great info and probably saved me lots of time.
I have already planned to not boot off the large array - done that 
before and had troubles with the whole efi thingo. (I have some other 
machines that boot off usb drives because of this very problem!)

kernel-team - +1 for new driver updates in the kernel/install CD. This 
is an important part of an LTS release surely, and I am sick of buying 
servers has not having the nics/sata/ide/southbridge chips supported :( 
I have had like 5 firewalls in the last month or so with this problem. 
Had to take alot more effort in specifying hardware with my supplier 
than normal because of it :(


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