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Alex Polvi polvi at
Thu Dec 15 07:40:12 UTC 2005


After jdub's fantastic email about the new -server stuff, I joined up in

Day-to-day I do system administration and love it. What I do not love,
however, is vendor lock-in. This is one of the reasons we rely on free
software. *Most* of the place our infrastructure does great with F/OSS.
The one place it really lacks is with server management -- and I think
this is a big problem, much bigger then just our organization.

So, I have a solution, and it is here:

Anyone else think this is much of a need?  I know I would run it in a
heatbeat if it exsited in an open form. Do you think others would too?
What other considerations am I forgetting?

I have never written a spec before, much less participated in the ubuntu
community. So thanks for being friendly and giving me a warm
introduction (especially fabbione).

Oh, and the reason I posted all this to the Ubuntu community is because
I think we (I'm a member now too, right? :) have the best shot at
pulling it off.


Alex Polvi :: polvi at mozilla com :: sysadmin 

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