Ubuntu Server Project Unleashed!

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 14 06:40:25 UTC 2005

Ubuntu Server Project Unleashed!

  September 2004: Ubuntu 4.10 Preview launched to rave reviews. By all
    accounts, it was a smashing desktop... But deep underneath lay the
    foundations of a server powerhouse, waiting to be unleashed.

  April 2005: Ubuntu 5.04 ships with an minimal server profile option
    on the installation CD. A growing number of server administrators
    are realising the unique combination of benefits provided by the
    Ubuntu commitment and community - 6 month release cycles, 18 month
    support cycles, timely and reliable security updates, a rock solid
    server platform and mountains of systems administration experience
    in the Ubuntu and Debian communities.

  October 2005: Ubuntu 5.10 ships with a dedicated server installation
    CD, containing the minimal default server profile, and a ready-to-go
    selection of the popular Open Source server applications supported
    by the Ubuntu team. Already popular for edge services such as web,
    mail, database and firewalls, Ubuntu picks up interest in the High
    Performance Computing community. IBM's DB2 is certified on Ubuntu,
    signifying its entry into the enterprise database platform market.

  December 2005: The Ubuntu Server Team is established to pursue short
    term, high impact goals for the Ubuntu 6.04 release, such as server
    hardware testing and kernel quality assurance. Plans are laid for
    future developments in "Just Works" server setup and operation.

Join the Ubuntu Server Team today, and bring the spirit of Ubuntu to the
server world:
                       HEAVY METAL FOR HUMAN BEINGS!


  Ubuntu 5.10 Server Downloads:
    http://releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/5.10/ (and mirrors)

  Dapper Drake Server Daily Builds:
    http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/ (for testing)

  Team Page:


    #ubuntu-server on irc.freenode.net

- The Ubuntu Server Team

                       Wake up and smell the penguin.

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