ServerLand, centralized server management, enterprise style

Rene Cunningham rene at
Thu Dec 15 08:33:04 UTC 2005

On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 11:40:12PM -0800, Alex Polvi wrote:
> So, I have a solution, and it is here:
> Anyone else think this is much of a need?  I know I would run it in a
> heatbeat if it exsited in an open form. Do you think others would too?
> What other considerations am I forgetting?


ServerLand seems an interesting spec which i hope gets approved.

How would ServerLand keep track of custom packages? For example, if i
were to build a custom kernel with extra features that arent found in
the default Ubuntu kernels (eg; Xen) and called it kernel-x.y.d-xen0
would ServerLand alert me if there was a vulnerability found in
kernel x.y.d and/or the version of Xen i used? 

ServerLand may not be able to provide me with an updated version of
kernel-x.y.d-xen0 though i would appreciate a central repository where
all my server security alerts can be found.

Maybe it needs to be decentralized so companies who build their own
servers can provide themselves with their own ServerLand infrastructure
that allows them to link their inhouse packages with security CVE's
and the like?


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