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     I do not think that increasing the number of words in order to maximize the
display time of a subtitle will solve the problem. I think will do exactly the opposite.
It might work for English language where most of the terms come from, but
for other languages, where the terms sometimes must be adapted, the increasing
number of words per lines will end in covering up the whole screen with
the subtitle.
     I am struggling trying  to fit approximative the same number of words in the
Romanian translation  and is not so  easy .
    I think that fewer words and less time per lines and more lines will do a better job.
    I know that means a lot more work to do, so is just a suggestion.
You've done a good job till now and, no question about that, you'll do
the same in the future.

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> Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 14:17:10 +0100
> Hello,
> Starting with the next subtitle (tour of system and applications), I've
> tried to make sure there are very few subtitles of less than two
> seconds. The knock on effect is that some lines are pushed to over 100
> characters. The default guidelines in most editors are to limit them to
> ~70. This actually looks fine on larger resolution videos, particularly
> 1280x720. However on the lower resolutions 768x432 and 512x288, Totem is
> forced to use two or three lines, which can obscure quite a large part
> of the video on the lowest res. To mitigate this you can select a
> smaller font size on most players, Totem defaults to 20. It would be
> nice if the video players could dynamically scale the font size to the
> video resolution.
> Comments on this change are welcome.
> I haven't yet had time to go back and change the previous subtitle
> files, mainly because I'm trying to catch up on the newly released
> screencasts.
> One last thing. There was a recent post on the ubuntu-doc mailing list
> about the standard language. I was unintentionally using en_gb, which I
> realise was wrong. So I'm switching to en_us instead. There shouldn't be
> too many changes needed to existing .srts, but I'll post updated version
> when I can.
> Steve
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