New on the ML, Italian subs...

Diego Cortassa diego.cortassa at
Fri Sep 28 17:00:38 BST 2007

Hi screencast team!

Just a quick message to introduce myself.

I'm Italian, I'm an old time Ubuntu user, I think screencasts are the
best way to introduce our beloved OS to new people and I'm interesting
in helping.

I talk a good English but I don't think is good enough to record a
screencast on my own (i.e. funny accent), So I started translating the
English subtitles to Italian.

I already uploaded italian srt files for "Why Ubuntu", "Introduction to
Linux", "Samba Filesharing" and "Printing In Ubuntu" on the wiki...

Diego Cortassa <diego.cortassa at>

Il messaggio e' stato analizzato alla ricerca di virus o
contenuti pericolosi da MailScanner, ed e'
risultato non infetto.

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