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Alan Pope alan at
Sat Sep 22 19:44:21 BST 2007


On Sat, 2007-09-22 at 18:31 +0300, Doru Horishco wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Doru, I would like to know where can I send the subtiles 
> translation into romanian that I made. I try to contact Alan Pope with
> no
> results, 

Sorry, I've been on holiday for the last week, and only got back

> I do not find any link to a place or to somebody where to send those
> files, or where to ask if can do that. I follow all the links you
> provide on the 
> site but they only take me to places where I have to register myself.
> I made
> registrations after registrations and I still don't find a place where
> to ask
> and where to receive a simple answer: yes or no.
> What should I do?

More Actions --> Attachments, then attach your translated .srt files to
that page. When I get a moment I will grab all the new ones and update
the site.

Many thanks,
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