Screencasts Subtitles Romanian Translation

stephen stevepdrake at
Sat Sep 22 19:48:32 BST 2007

Hi Doru,

You should only need to register an account on as
the same account can be used to access the wiki. At the moment we are
using using the wiki storing the translated subtitles file, see this

Once you have a Launchpad account I recommend that you join the
screencasts team


On Sat, 2007-09-22 at 18:31 +0300, Doru Horishco wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Doru, I would like to know where can I send the subtiles 
> translation into romanian that I made. I try to contact Alan Pope with
> no
> results, I do not find any link to a place or to somebody where to
> send those
> files, or where to ask if can do that. I follow all the links you
> provide on the 
> site but they only take me to places where I have to register myself.
> I made
> registrations after registrations and I still don't find a place where
> to ask
> and where to receive a simple answer: yes or no.
> What should I do?
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