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Thu Jun 2 21:41:31 UTC 2022

Hi Sergio,

On Wed, Jun 01, 2022 at 06:01:18PM -0400, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
> Hello,

> I would like to request a Microrelease Exception for the OpenLDAP
> package in Ubuntu Jammy.  I put together a wiki page describing
> everything I judged pertinent to the MRE here:


> [ Kudos to Christian and Andreas for the feedback btw.  ]

> This request comes at a good time upstream-wise: the OpenLDAP community
> has recently revamped their release policy and the 2.5.x series is their
> first LTS release, which is exactly what we're shipping in Jammy (this
> was planned, of course).

> I wrote a detailed summary of the tests present in the package (both
> from upstream and dep8, as well as autopkgtests from related packages)
> which should help mitigating concerns regarding performing microrelease
> updates in a Ubuntu LTS release.

Looking specifically at the fact that upstream is already up to .12 on their
microreleases, and it follows our expectations for bugfix-only
microreleases, I approve this exception.

Please link this MRE page from
(I unfortunately continue to be unable to log into the wiki myself).

Also FWIW I would be perfectly happy if this didn't use bileto since bileto
is very much in maintenance mode.  But I won't block this on moving it to

> Thank you in advance for considering this request, and please let me
> know if you need more information.  Also, I would like to know the next
> steps in the process; I'm assuming this is going to be discussed in an
> upcoming SRU meeting, but is there anything else I need to provide/do?

MREs only require sign-off from a single member of the SRU team.

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