Disabling whoopsie by default in the 12.04.1 release

Evan Dandrea ev at ubuntu.com
Mon Aug 20 10:26:55 UTC 2012

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 11:01 AM, Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at ubuntu.com>wrote:

> Le 20/08/2012 11:19, Evan Dandrea a écrit :
>  We did ultimately decide to keep error reporting on for 12.04.1, as the
>> average number of errors per week met the requirement set forth by the
>> desktop team:
> Hi,
> For the record I think that number is buggy (and I raised that concerns
> during laste week discussions), it seems artificially low and we identified
> several issues in the system without explaining all of them nor their
> impact (the 90% drop which happened for lot of bugs on 17/05/12 being one,
> the fact that bugs that fail retracing are not showing up on the lists, the
> fact that the first weeks stats seem much higher and that's the ones which
> give the first impression for users so that should be the number to
> consider for the choice, etc).
> I'm not happy about the decision and how it was taken (in retrospect I
> wish I had brought the topic in front of the TB rather to have a "what is
> best for Ubuntu" project's discussion), let's move on but I don't consider
> the "met the requirement set forth by the desktop team" true so let's
> refrain from making it look like the desktop team agreed on or supports the
> decision.

Apologies. It was not my intention to imply you accepted the decision, just
that your team picked a number you would be happy with, and we came up with
data that indicated we were below that.

Problems failing to retrace would in no way influence these numbers. They
still get counted.
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