Release Team Members: summary of plans emerging for next month

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at
Thu Apr 5 14:29:09 UTC 2012

Dear Release Team Members,

   Thank you for your input and constructive ideas on how we can
accomplish the goals of getting a set of images ready so that our
release candidate window (4/19) will start off with images that are
release ready, and we can be proud of if we don't respin again.  For
this to happen,  when we enter final freeze (4/12),  we will need to
have images that pretty much could be released and let in only those
fixes that make the images more stable and higher quality.

   Where we are timeline wise,  we'll need to start taking action
though,  given Final freeze is now a week out.   We'll go into
pre-release freeze for the precise archive later today at 2100 UTC  and
lets plan on using the Release Meeting tomorrow to resolve any last
tweaks to the plan for the rest of the month.

4/5 - development archive pre-release freeze and 
      Kernel Freeze at 2100 UTC,  archive stays frozen until release.
    - update process checklists to reflect 1.5 days for 
      UUFF (1200 UTC 4/24), UUFFe and fixes, contacts.
    - email to developers on archive freeze,  UUFF, and where to
      flag/discuss fixes and UUFF exceptions (#ubuntu-motu for UU,
      #ubuntu-release for seeded)
    - all fixes and FFes for seeded packages get reviewed and 
      signed off by release team members before going into archive.
    - daily builds continue
    - release team to coordinate using:
      - explicit acknowledgement of who did review in bugs
      - rendezvous at 1600 UTC for any discussions needed.
      - comment in #ubuntu-release channel when 
        doing a review of a package.
    - -proposed to be used for those packages that could
      cause archive skew and require significant build time.

4/12 - Seeded Packages Final Freeze at 2100 UTC.
     - other steps as above, and 2 release team members need 
       to sign off in bug that its been reviewed and is needed 
       for the release. 
     - daily image builds stop,  and build as needed to pick up
       key fixes.
     - reassess how used -proposed for archive skew mitigation and
       holding SRUs.

4/19 - release candidate creation.  
     - only fixes explicitly requested by release team for 
       seeded images and only those fixes that won't work as 
       SRUs will be considered.

4/24 - Unseeded Universe Final Freeze.

4/26 - release 12.04 LTS.

Anything not clear,  feel free to use email or show up in the release
meeting tomorrow.  Given the fact that Friday and Monday are holidays
for several,  we'll also use the rendezvous slot on Tuesday 
in #ubuntu-release channel,  if necessary.

Thanks for your help with figuring this out.

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