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Wed Apr 4 21:44:21 UTC 2012


first off sorry for my lack of involvement during the past releases. I'm
still fighting with a lack of spare time, and I won't be able to help you with
precise :(.

On Tue, Apr 03, 2012 at 05:15:46PM +0100, Iain Lane wrote:
> Hi there,
> On Tue, Apr 03, 2012 at 09:47:27AM -0500, Kate Stewart wrote:
> > […]
> > Process pages [2] are calling for a focal point to be established for
> > the FFEs reviews for universe
> > 
> > If this is the last beta before ReleaseCandidateProcess, 
> >       * Work with universe/multiverse community to identify delegates to
> >         approve Feature Freeze Exceptions, in addition to ubuntu-release
> >         until the date of Final Freeze for universe. 
> I don't think it's "in addition to ubuntu-release", rather that some
> members of the release team will watch out for queries in the MOTU IRC
> channel.

Actually the term "delegates" just rang a bell for me. After checking when this
change was introduced in the wiki, let me just tell you the story:

Back in the old days, we had the problem that the queue of FFe requests was
stuffed and we weren't keeping up with processing it. This led to the
following idea: We had a bunch of teams taking care of certain sets of
packages, e.g. gnome or xubuntu. We also knew that most teams had experienced
developers in them. It appeared to be a natural choice that an experienced
developer of a team could give much better advice about the implications of
a package update than we could. So why not just delegate the release teams
powers in that area?
So we introduced delegates, who could accept FFe's in their area just as
members of the release team could.

The general idea was to have delegations in place *before* feature freeze.
However for maverick we were quite late, see [1]. Incidentally, shortly
afterwards the change in the wiki was done, that now leads to confusion.

Hope this clears things up a little bit.

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