ubuntu-release delegations for unseeded packages in universe/multiverse

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Tue Sep 21 20:20:45 BST 2010


first off, apologies for the confusion regarding ubuntu-release delegations 
and for getting delegations only set up this late in the cycle.

For universe/multiverse packages, that are NOT found on any installation 
media, Feature Freeze Exceptions [1] can be obtained from one of the 
delegates in addition to ubuntu-release until the date of Final Freeze for 
universe [2]:

* mythbuntu: Mario Limonciello (~superm1) [superm1]
* mozilla team: Chris Coulson (~chrisccoulson) [chrisccoulson], Micah Gersten 
(~micahg) [micahg]
* xubuntu: Lionel Le Folgoc (~mrpouit) [mr_pouit]
* netbook: Didier Roche  (~didrocks) [didrocks]
* edubuntu: Jonathan Carter (~jonathan) [highvoltage], 
            Stéphane Graber (~stgraber) [stgraber]
* Ubuntustudio: Scott Lavender (~slavender) [ScottL]

If you're unsure if a package falls under a specific package set, just use the 
regular procedure at [1], we'll sort it out.

In any case, please make sure to have the changes well tested and please 
refrain from uploading any unnecessary changes.
Among these are:
* general package cleanups, like bumping standards-version
* adding a patch system for packages, which don't have one already
* changing text files (with regards to translations), including fixing minor
  typographical errors
* switching build systems

Finally, any upload will land in the unapproved queue and hence will need an
archive admin to get accepted. As a result, please make sure to document 
granted freeze exceptions properly in the changelog; this will greatly help 
archive administrators.

   Stefan - on behalf of ubuntu-release.
[1]: <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess>

robbiew: ...but I'm not scared to do re-spins the day of release :P
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