[Desktop] Release Meeting 2011-11-18

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 18 05:58:00 UTC 2011


== What was done engineering wise? ==

 * Blueprint drafting and approval almost complete (our target was
   today); work items are almost complete, and everyone individually
   as well as the total number of work items are below or at the
   computed/agreed limit.
 * Fixed a couple of bugs in autopkgtest, it's now possible to use for
   our purposes. Converted the first two packages to DEP-8/autopkgtest
   for continuous QA integration: upower, apport; more to come.
   Discussed with Jean-Baptiste how to run these on data center QA
 * Worked on getting Unity test harness and tarmac setup ready to go.
   Also got 51 manual test cases for Unity acceptance criteria written
   as a draft, covering panel and launcher for now.
 * Cleanup of GNOME packages, we were able to coordinate with Debian,
   do a few updates there, and sync a lot.
 * Landed client-side crash signature/duplicate detection in Apport
   trunk, and discussed integration into Cassandra server with Evan.

== What's about to land that might impact the other teams? ==

 * By next Monday we decide about Banshee vs. Rhythmbox. That
   particularly affects U1. But porting U1 to GTK3 is already
   unblocked, as we won't go with a GTK2 Banshee in precise.

== Dependencies on other teams, blocking items ==

 * Waiting for IS to put Unity tarmac setup into production.

== Blueprints ==


Burndown and spec completion levels:

 * For alpha-1: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-desktop-team-precise-alpha-1.html
 * Entire cycle: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-desktop-team.html

== Release targetted bugs being worked on/monitored ==

under investigation:
 * Bug:851612 ''[Logging out from a FUS session does not reliably return to VT7]'': Race condition, no progress at figuring out the cause yet

triaged/in progress:
 * Bug:857153 ''[Needs to get accessibility settings from GSettings]'': Problem is clear, but has a workaround
 * Bug:805136 ''[accounts window doesn't fit on screen and no scrollbar to show hidden fields]'': No progress this week.
 * Bug:810721 ''[at-spi-registryd crashed with SIGSEGV in gconf_client_get_default()]'': Got fixed in at-spi2 (which is what we use now mostly); fix might be applicable to at-spi as well.
 * Bug:828623 ''[gnome control centre does not allow you to disable the laptop screen while leaving an external DisplayPort connected screen working]'': Only affects some systems, but great progress on debugging the cause this week.
 * Bug:790240 ''at-spi needs demotion for precise'': No progress this week

fixed since last report:
 * Bug:828415 ''[package gnome-accessibility-themes 2.32.1-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade]''
 * Bug:890596 ''[pkgbinarymangler causes haskell-dummy FTBFS]''
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