Test Writers Wanted!

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Thu Apr 23 16:09:53 UTC 2015

Have you been sitting on the sidelines wanting to dip your toes into 
writing some automated tests? The terminal, calculator and doc viewer 
teams are all looking for some help on filling in holes in there 
testsuites as they add new features. In the case of the terminal 
application, the old tests need to be converted / updated for the reboot 
branch which is already live. Test writing can be done in qml or python 
(with autopilot), and it's simple to learn the basics!

You can find these and more oppurtunities using the Core Apps sponsoring 
page(1). For help with understanding how to write these tests, check out 
developer.ubuntu.com(2). If you are interested in directly helping one 
of the core apps development teams, please reach out to myself or popey 
and we can make sure you get in touch. Thanks!


1. http://people.canonical.com/~nskaggs/core-apps-test-sponsoring.html
2. https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/quality/

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