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Sun Nov 3 17:13:25 UTC 2013

¡Hola! ¡bienvenido al equipo!

I think somebody will answer better than me your first question, but I 
can tell perhaps the second one can be:

    - The BIOS of your computer *not been configured* to boot from the
    USB disk.

    - *A bug* in the live USB builder (you know it's because it returns
    an error message). If you find this is the case, you can report a
    bug by pressing the "Alt+F2" key combination and typing "ubuntu-bug
    usb-creator-gtk" ("ubuntu-bug usb-creator-kde" if you're using Kubuntu).

    - A limitation of your *BIOS version*, what an update can solve. But
    many times this is hard to do, so this is why I choose to but only
    motherboards and laptops that has BIOS that are easy to update.


El 03/11/13 17:56, Alexander Bejarano Hincapié escribió:
> Hi,
>   I am Alex from Colombia (currently living in Germany) ... I ve been using Linux since 1999 and Ubuntu since 2008.. but never testet. So I hope I can help a lot here. I am happy to start from the beggining of ubuntu 14 so I can see how it develops :)
> About my test: I wanted to test an ISO image... so I downloaded it from:
> trusty-desktop-i386.iso
> I started a VM with it (Live mode) and searched for testcases here:
> I m still not famliar with the schedules/QA in general... so my questions are...
> - Are there tescases already avalable or not yet?
> - My Live USB was not really working properly... should I somehow report that? or is it normal at the moment?
> Gracias y Saludos :)
> Alex.
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> Sent from my Ubuntu Linux
> Alexander Bejarano Hincapié
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> Universidad Distrital  - Francisco José de Caldas - Bogotá, Colombia -

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