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Thu May 16 14:35:23 UTC 2013

Stephen, great to hear from you! At the moment we as a team are planning 
our work for the next few months @ vUDS:

Even if you missed the sessions, it would be helpful to review the notes 
and blueprints (and video!)

This time of year we're planning for what and how we'll test over the 
next cycle and doing maintenance tasks and work to help us. So for 
example, now is the time we'll review our testcases, make a big effort 
to write new ones, and work on the qa dashboard.

The team wiki has a wealth of information and documentation on 
contributing testcases or test results.

At the moment, the only thing we as a team are actively testing is the 
daily iso's. It's not a bad idea to start there and learn about the 
qatracker and how to utilize it.

 From there you can explore writing manual and automated testcases:

You'll note that there are video screencasts for all of this information 
on this youtube channel:

Finally, as the cycle continues, we'll start doing cadence testing and 
calls for testing which will have specific packages and instructions to 
test all the new "stuff" landing in saucy.

Whew! That might seem like a lot to digest, but take your time and ask 
questions! Please feel free to email me again if you get stuck anywhere. 
There's a group of folks usually on #ubuntu-quality on freenode -- freel 
free to drop by and say hello anytime.

Looking forward to working with you,


On 05/15/2013 12:35 PM, Javier P.L. wrote:
> Hello Stephen, welcome aboard =)
> In the QA team there a lot of things you can do, from writing manual testcases
> (which are basically tutorials in how to use Ubuntu applications to check they
> actually work) to play with the more edge Ubuntu technologies, mir, ubuntu touch,
> etc. So please check out this page:
> And see what you would like to help us with, also in addition, don't forget to join
> our channel #ubuntu-quality and say hello, we surely can help you to help us =)
> Also don't forget to review it
> has instructions to deploy the latest development Ubuntu version, which you
> will probably need if you want to help us with testing.
> I'll be looking forward for collaborating with you.
> On 15/05/13 at 11:51am, Stephen Hawkins wrote:
>> Hi, my name is Stephen I have just started using Ubuntu with Ubuntu 12.10 I
>> switched over from windows seven and I don't ever want to go back. I can do
>> a lot for the Ubuntu testing community because I have worked with other
>> operating systems and nothing compares to Ubuntu and I can spot glitches
>> all the time. I love working with computers and I am really good at it. I
>> taught myself how to work with computer and now I am fixing computers for
>> my friends and family. Also I have always wanted to be ether a computer
>> tester or a operating system tester so I can help fix problems before the
>> system comes out. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear back from you
>> guys soon.
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