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Thu Nov 8 18:16:57 UTC 2012

On 08/11/12 17:02, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
> A fair warning, this is going to be long, but it's important to digest 
> everything in here :-)
> --
> I trust everyone has enjoyed a little downtime, and for those of you 
> who were at UDS or participated remotely, I trust you've been able to 
> digest everything now :-) So, it's time for us to start work on the 
> new items for the cycle, as well plan out our cadence weeks.
Are you planning to link the calendar entries to dedicated wiki pages 
for that cadence week, as discussed at the UDS session?
> Please have a look at that wiki page. It's been hotlinked in the menu 
> header on our wiki ( There are 11 
> cadence weeks listed out, occurring every 2 weeks (except for the 
> middle week in December to avoid Holidays). I know there are also 
> holidays many of you celebrate in April that may coincide with Cadence 
> Week 10, but we'll work around those. The weeks run Saturday to 
> Saturday based on feedback @ UDS about including more weekends when it 
> would be easier to participate.
> Now, the plan is to unite automated and manual testing, and during the 
> cadence weeks we will undertake both :-) What I would like now is 
> suggestions for specific areas to focus on during the first few weeks 
> of testing. As the cycle wears on, we will focus our testing efforts 
> on new features or things that are currently lacking in quality (from 
> the planned quality report). I've started by suggesting we look at 
> libreoffice during our first cadence week due to the mailing list and 
> bug traffic surrounding the global menu and some other things. Other 
> ideas? Now is a good time IMHO to look at our default application 
> stack, but anything is fair game.
> Which brings me to pointing out another page to you. At the moment, 
> it's a bit difficult to know what's in the tracker for testcases if 
> your not an admin. We'll be working to fix this, but in the meantime 
> here's a wiki page listing and linking to all of our current 
> testcases. Just because a testcase is or is not listed in there 
> doesn't mean it shouldn't be added. I would like us to look at and 
> test all of our default applications and have automated and manual 
> testcases to test them. This is a excellent area to help. I'll be 
> working on revamping the wiki to make the process of contributing 
> testcases easier to understand; both automated and manual. Don't let 
> this stop you from diving in now -- ping the list with what your 
> interested in doing, and everyone can help you get started if your 
> unsure. Now is the perfect time to do work in this area.
> Remember, now is the time to speak up about the changes, as we can 
> tweak things as we go in the cycle, especially if we do so early in 
> the cycle ;-) Please give your feedback positive or negative. I look 
> forward to a wonderful cycle of testing with everyone. The groundwork 
> and plans have been laid; let's take QA to the next level!
> Nicholas

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