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On 11/08/2012 01:16 PM, Brendan Donegan wrote:
> On 08/11/12 17:02, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
>> A fair warning, this is going to be long, but it's important to 
>> digest everything in here :-)
>> --
>> I trust everyone has enjoyed a little downtime, and for those of you 
>> who were at UDS or participated remotely, I trust you've been able to 
>> digest everything now :-) So, it's time for us to start work on the 
>> new items for the cycle, as well plan out our cadence weeks.
> Are you planning to link the calendar entries to dedicated wiki pages 
> for that cadence week, as discussed at the UDS session?

Yes, most definitely. I suppose we could do that for the first one and 
start shaping up what we want it to look like.
>> Please have a look at that wiki page. It's been hotlinked in the menu 
>> header on our wiki ( There are 11 
>> cadence weeks listed out, occurring every 2 weeks (except for the 
>> middle week in December to avoid Holidays). I know there are also 
>> holidays many of you celebrate in April that may coincide with 
>> Cadence Week 10, but we'll work around those. The weeks run Saturday 
>> to Saturday based on feedback @ UDS about including more weekends 
>> when it would be easier to participate.
>> Now, the plan is to unite automated and manual testing, and during 
>> the cadence weeks we will undertake both :-) What I would like now is 
>> suggestions for specific areas to focus on during the first few weeks 
>> of testing. As the cycle wears on, we will focus our testing efforts 
>> on new features or things that are currently lacking in quality (from 
>> the planned quality report). I've started by suggesting we look at 
>> libreoffice during our first cadence week due to the mailing list and 
>> bug traffic surrounding the global menu and some other things. Other 
>> ideas? Now is a good time IMHO to look at our default application 
>> stack, but anything is fair game.
>> Which brings me to pointing out another page to you. At the moment, 
>> it's a bit difficult to know what's in the tracker for testcases if 
>> your not an admin. We'll be working to fix this, but in the meantime 
>> here's a wiki page listing and linking to all of our current 
>> testcases. Just because a testcase is or is not listed in there 
>> doesn't mean it shouldn't be added. I would like us to look at and 
>> test all of our default applications and have automated and manual 
>> testcases to test them. This is a excellent area to help. I'll be 
>> working on revamping the wiki to make the process of contributing 
>> testcases easier to understand; both automated and manual. Don't let 
>> this stop you from diving in now -- ping the list with what your 
>> interested in doing, and everyone can help you get started if your 
>> unsure. Now is the perfect time to do work in this area.
>> Remember, now is the time to speak up about the changes, as we can 
>> tweak things as we go in the cycle, especially if we do so early in 
>> the cycle ;-) Please give your feedback positive or negative. I look 
>> forward to a wonderful cycle of testing with everyone. The groundwork 
>> and plans have been laid; let's take QA to the next level!
>> Nicholas

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