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Andrea Gasparini gaspa at
Fri Jul 11 12:44:53 UTC 2008

I'm writing a couple of tools that could be interesting for QA.
I talked with some people on IRC, like persia(Hemmet) and laserjock(don't 
still know your name, sorry ;) ), 
and i've been suggested to tell here all the truth, only the truth... 
ehm... no, that was another thing. :D

... I was saying, I've been suggested to tell here all about my work, and 
so that's my work:

- all what i refers to is here:

- one of the tool handle the NBS page and want to make a more usable 
interface, based on the "bugged package", rather than the list of NBS, 
that shouldn't be touched, indeed.
there's a old page here:
That page has a lot of problems, is only a proof of concept, and i'm 
working on a completely rewritten script, that list 
_for_each_source_package_ the problem of each binary that's included in 
So, source package "goofy" could list the following:
- a build-depends on a NBS package "peanut"
- another "normal" dependency for binary package "super-goofy" on NBS...
( sorry, my fantasy in package names is clearly low... )

Script that handle the "old page" is, and it already has a .xsl 
associated that handle his output.
The future script that will handle nbs in a super-cool way is

- the other tool is for search upload of contributor/developer.
It search into intrepid-changes archives for a given regular expression 
that should match changed-by stanza or the gpg signeture.

An example could be clearer that thousands of words:
$ python Andre.*ngelo
{'action': 'signed', 'source': 'audacity', 'version': '1.3.4-1.2ubuntu1', 'date': 'Fri, 
09 May 2008 10:05:42 -0000'}
...... < snip > 
{'action': 'changed-by', 'source': 'xsnow', 'version': '1:1.42-6ubuntu2', 'date': 'Sat, 
17 May 2008 23:45:22 -0000'}
...... < snip > 
{'action': 'signed', 'source': 'gosa', 'version': '', 'date': 'Sun, 
06 Jul 2008 20:00:24 -0000'}

Note that it distinguish changed-by upload by sponsored upload.
Note also that it there's much mooooooore to do. For example telling _who_ 
really changed and upload the package, because the regexp could match more 
than just one name.
Also the output could be xml'd, or yaml'd (or whatever) in order to get it 
handled by xsl or other parsing tools.

So, i hope it could be useful.

I did it also for my personal fun, so if I/we/other could 
consolidate/contribute with other tools i'll be happy, but if you say 
that 'it sucks' i'll be happy anyway of having studied some cool tools. :)

Regards! :)
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