syncing ~ubuntu-qa with current QA Team

Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Fri Jul 11 05:49:04 UTC 2008

Since the new ~ubuntu-qa Launchpad team is being introduced (or
reintroduced) we should sync it with the informal QA team that has
been meeting on IRC, etc. Since that is not exactly a well defined
list of people I'd propose that people who consider themselves in that
team to join ~ubuntu-qa . Just to keep things sane, if I'm not
familiar with  you and/or your work I may ask that you send a little
intro to the list as a way of "breaking the ice" and letting everybody
get acquainted.

In general, I'm going to ask people wanting to join Ubuntu QA to send
an intro email to the list just giving a little information about
themselves, the QA work they've done so far, and any plans they have
for work within the team. It's something that the Doc Team has done
for a while in their docuMENTORs program and I feel it's a real nice
community-building exercise and helps stimulate discussion. Does this
sound reasonable to people? Perhaps I'll do the first one to get the
ball rolling :-)


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