Ubuntu Audiocast - Episode 05 Released!

Jane Doe ubuntuaudiocast at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 18:29:46 UTC 2013

Hello Friendly News Editors:

You may wish to notify your readers that an all new, all fresh episode of
the Ubuntu Audiocast has been released for their listening pleasure. A

"Chuck, Bucky, and Philbare talk about people who think Ubuntu is a
product, some new kernel features that you might not have known about, why
scooters in Korea are slow, why people line up for things that are really
mediocre, a hate hotline for Unity, and why marketing people should be
ashamed. They discuss Ubuntu more than that of course, but not enough to
make you think that this is yet another show about software. Enjoy the


With Love and nachos,
Ubuntu Audiocast Media Relations
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