Ubuntu Audiocast Episode 06 Released!

Jane Doe ubuntuaudiocast at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 15:47:20 UTC 2013

Hello Friendly News Editors:

Your readers can now listen to a fresh episode of the Ubuntu Audiocast!
Episode 06 has been released for their listening pleasure. A

Chuck, Bucky, and Philbare are back to take you on a safari and eat
cookies! Catch the fun at UDS in Copenhagen where the real purpose of the
event is revealed by the illustrious Jono Bacon. The crew talks about
getting people to Mars in a fun way (with Avaneya and Ubuntu), party
shenanigans with Michael Hall, Ubuntuism and other 'isms that aren't so
human, the insignificance of borders, companies that track your
embarrassing search habits (just for giggles of course), circuses, flags,
and athletes. Not enough? Well then, how about asking what needs to be
changed in Ubuntu? More nachos perhaps?!

With love and mariachi,
Ubuntu Audiocast Media Relations
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