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Fri Apr 9 19:02:50 BST 2010


/topic John mentoring Amber

On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 10:52, John Crawford <johnc4510 at> wrote:
> I'd be glad to Joey!!!

Super! Thanks John.

/topic New folks.......

For all the new folks (and interlopers), here is my yearly disclaimer... :-)

Yes I work for Canonical. No I'm not the official community lead for
the Fridge (just the de facto one I guess). I just happened to be a
Fridge editor who got hired into a great company. I still care about
the Fridge which is why I volunteered to be the Canonical contact for
it.   I try to interface with the Canonical side and keep the Fridge
happy (software, themes, openID & team, etc.) as well as occasionally
pushing for improvements.  I am very happy for interested folks in the
community to get involved in the leadership side or any of the several
areas in which we can improve (fridge theming for example).  So, don't
think that you need me to approve or lead something.  Feel free to
start your very own revolution! :-)

And thanks to everyone who has made the Fridge and Ubuntu Weekly News
a success.  EVERYONE in Canonical, so far as I can tell, not only
reads both but also finds them of great value.  Be proud of yourselves
and know that Canonical and the entire Ubuntu community values your


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