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Efrain schrieb:
> Ok after having a long chat with Joey Stanford in the news-team irc
> channel. he and Mattew Newzum have indicated that there is a planed
> revamp of the fridge and the ideas we have proposed would somehow fit
> the new fridge.
> However this won't happen overnight, the current structure and
> editorial line of the fridge does not intend to cover LoCo news front
> page as it seeks to keep a professional line. Unless it is something
> very interesting to the ubuntu project. which makes sense since fridge
> promotes news to the world and not just ubuntu.
> "If it is a win for Ubuntu, a special international event, or
> something that affects a large international population then it
> usually gets posted to the Fridge"
> It is the intention of the fridge staff to have LoCo content, "The
> fridge though should really also contain targeted content like loco
> news as a side bar
> or "second page" We're not setup to do that right now but with some
> hacking and layout changes we might be able to do that very easily"
> but this is not a priority now. and one can understand since thye have
> been working on this revamp for a while.

So what options are there right now?
 - fridge.ubuntu.com for more formal news entries
 - UWN for short summaries
 - Planet Ubuntu for full posts including pictures

Did I miss anything?

> So for the time being. LoCo teams can submit news by emails and most
> probably they will reach Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.  unless the
> submission is considered headline material.  There is also a
> suggestion of using a vote-on-news to promote the upcoming news from
> the community. but all in given time.
> Well, my exploration has serve me to check how fridge can help and my
> honest suggestion is still, create the habit of repoting to the
> news-team as this can only push for those LoCo spaces in the fridge to
> be available in the future.
> I have set my suggestion in the Rejuvenate entry of the wiki, feel
> free to add more ideas. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Rejuvenate.
> The fridge offers the LoCo teams an open press room to provider their
> content and event if the initial offer is very conservative, I still
> see as a very importante one.
> What do you guys think?

I'm still wondering why many community members don't take pride in what
they've been organising and doing. They spend long hours organising an
event, working hard to make everything work out, take pictures, have
fun, but in the end don't share the story... somehow you'd expect to see
more stories floating around, wouldn't you?

Is writing too hard? Is posting publicly too hard? Which barriers do you

Thanks a lot for your thoughts, have a great day,
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