Fwd: about contributing and sharing the ubuntu spirit

Joey Stanford joey at canonical.com
Wed Jun 3 16:05:11 BST 2009


> So what options are there right now?
>  - fridge.ubuntu.com for more formal news entries
>  - UWN for short summaries
>  - Planet Ubuntu for full posts including pictures
> Did I miss anything?

Forums. I use them only for support but I am aware of community and
some news material that has been posted there.

There is also Full Circle Magazine although as I understand it, it is
not tied to any of the teams, certainly not the news team which does
UWN and the Fridge.

>> I have set my suggestion in the Rejuvenate entry of the wiki, feel
>> free to add more ideas. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Rejuvenate.

This is the right place for Fridge improvement ideas. I did some
gardening of the wiki pages yesterday so all of the ideas are now on
one page.

>> The fridge offers the LoCo teams an open press room to provider their
>> content and event if the initial offer is very conservative, I still
>> see as a very importante one.
>> What do you guys think?

LoCos are part of the Fridge's target audience (although this was only
formally documented in the last few months).  See

> I'm still wondering why many community members don't take pride in what
> they've been organising and doing. They spend long hours organising an
> event, working hard to make everything work out, take pictures, have
> fun, but in the end don't share the story... somehow you'd expect to see
> more stories floating around, wouldn't you?

I see a lot of these on personal, non-planet blogs. Even the ubuntu
users blogs.  And flickr.
It would be great to see these pooled somehow.  We'll see what we can
come up with for the Fridge.
Has anyone thought of expanding the LoCo planet idea?


ps if I get approval for Newz's time, we'll probably have a hack
session in July.

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