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Martin Kaufmann martin_kaufmann1983 at yahoo.de
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i am Martin from the Ubuntuusergroup Leipzig (Germany). I have written
several Mails with Daniel Holbach and he told me to send you an Article
about our last Event (1 Year Ubuntu Leipzig) for the Fridge.

Here is the Article:

Already for more than one year the ubuntuusers from Leipzig are having 
meetings. At the beginning these were held in the student's and culture 
center Moritzbastei, but since the third meeting, the meetings have
taking place in the Conne Island.
For the first birthday there was a barbecue - like for the meeting 
before - so the present users could help themselves. There were even two
Ubuntu tortes (thanks again to Grape, who unfortunately could not 
participate, but prepared these tasty tortes anyway) and as before a lot
of sausages, steaks and barbecue cheese.After the feast outside, about
eight o'clock, we got together inside for listening to Adrian and Martin
telling us about the Ubucon, a conference for users of Ubuntu, which
will take place in Goettingen this year, in 
October. After that, there was a bit of recapitulation about the past, 
but most important the future of the user meetings in Leipzig. There 
were interesting proposals from everyone, which are now waiting to be 
put into practice.
At 11 pm, the last users began tidying up everything and started their 
way home. Notable was again the composition of visitors, besides of the 
usual suspects, there were also two infants present at the beginning.
A successful birthday party for the user meetings in Leipzig, we hope 
the interest in such community events will stay this strong.

and here is  a Link to the Pictures of this Event:

Greetings from Leipzig
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