Announcing the Xubuntu Marketing Lead, Xubuntu Xfce4 Liaison, Xubuntu Debian Liaison, and new Xubuntu Website Lead

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Sun Sep 21 01:59:41 BST 2008

Hello Xubuntu Developers & Contributors,

CC: Jono, Ubuntu Community Manager
CC: Jorge O. Castro, Ubuntu Upstream Relations
CC: Ubuntu News Team

 I'm happy to announce today several important additions and shuffles within
the Xubuntu Team. Please join me in welcoming Pasi Lallinaho, our new
Xubuntu Marketing Lead; and Jannis Pohlmann as our Xfce4 Liaison.

Pasi Lallinaho (*knome*) of Helsinki, Finland - a user of Xubuntu and Xfce4
on his desktop for well over a year now - has joined our team as the new
Xubuntu Marketing Lead. Having founded his own business solutions and
services company at the age of 20, this 22 year old entrepreneur/software
engineer/artist/web design professional/jack-of-all-trades will be a huge
asset to Xubuntu in helping to grow a strong marketing and artwork
community. Being no stranger to the Open Source community, having
contributed to Amarok for close to two years after all, Pasi has already
jumped in with both feet by beginning the process of giving our website a
much needed face lift and creating a countdown banner for the Intrepid
release. You can get in contact with Pasi by pinging "knome" on Freenode or
by e-mailing him at open at

Jannis Pohlmann (*JPohlmann*) is a 23 year old computer science student and
musician living in Lübeck, Germany. Jannis, an Xfce developer, is well known
for his development contributions to the Xfce4 project, Lunar Linux, and
maintainer of the Xfce4 goodies project (a service offering free hosting,
svn repositories, and more to developers developing Xfce4 plugins or
add-ons). Jannis will be joining our team as the official Liaison between
the Xubuntu and Xfce4 project and will assist in maximizing collaboration
and communication. You can get in contact with Jannis by pinging "JPohlman"
on Freenode or by e-mailing him at jannis at

Along with these two additions, we also have Michael Casadevall taking on
the role of being our Liason with Debian and Vincent Tunro the role of
Xubuntu Website Team Lead.

Michael Casadevall (*NCommander*), who recently joined the Xubuntu Developer
ranks, has agreed to take on the role of being our Liaison with Debian Xfce4
developers. In addition to his work as a developer, Michael will assist the
Xubuntu project in a similar fashion to Jannis by helping maximizing
collaboration and communication with our upstream Debian counterparts. You
can get in contact with Michael by pinging "NCommander" on Freenode or by
e-mailing him at sonicmctails at

Vincent Tunro (*vinnl*), who is a long time Xubuntu contributor and Xubuntu
website editor, has accepted the role of leading our efforts with developing
our website. Vincent's primary responsibilities will be to ensure that our
website is updated regularly and appropriately with news stories and new
content; perform administrative duties such as managing and giving direction
to the other website editors; and will help keep our website "fresh" in
general. You can get in contact with Vincent by pinging "vinnl" on Freenode
or by e-mailing him at imnotb at

I'm very excited to welcome our new team members and the others to their
appointments. Please join me in congratulating them.

Thank you,

Cody A.W. Somerville
Xubuntu Project Leader

Cody A.W. Somerville
Software Systems Release Engineer
Custom Engineering Solutions Group
Canonical OEM Services
Cell: 506-449-5899
Email: cody.somerville at
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