Moving Team and LoCo Announcements to the Fridge

Chuck Frain chuckfrain at
Wed Jul 9 03:27:01 BST 2008

As a loco team leader here is my first thoughts on this.

I don't want to do more work than is needed. It's not a being lazy thing 
as much as a this is a spare time thing for a good majority of us. As of 
right now when I want to make an announcement I have to post in 
different methods to the mailing list, forum, my blog, create a calendar 
event, edit the wiki and here. I do have team members that help, but you 
get the idea.

One idea is to come up with a planet concept for the fridge. The 
Ubuntu-US project has a planet for the states to add a feed to. Can you 
do that easily with the fridge?

Another option is to have the fridge calendar subscribe to team 
calendars if they are already using them. We here in Maryland have a 
Google calendar that we utilize for our events. Members can subscribe or 
visit as they chose to. Some days such as the global bug jam, software 
freedom day, etc will have an inordinate amount of events but those are 
abnormalities rather than a norm.

Either way, the fridge admins don't have to handle every request by 
hand. You get a single request for a blog feed and/or calendar, set it 
and forget it. You're done. Some teams don't have those resources on 
hand so there may be some list requests that continue. If abuse occurs 
it's easy enough to curb quickly by cutting off the feed.

Just my first thoughts on the matter.

Chuck Frain

John Crawford wrote:
> Nick Ali wrote:
>> currently reads in 244 news feeds. Most items do not
>> stay on the front page for a single day, but teams (like Mythbuntu,
>> QA, Server, Studio, etc) and LoCos still use it as a way of
>> disseminating information. Its too hard to separate the "window into
>> the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors" from
>> real news. Instead, teams and LoCos should be posting on the Fridge.
>> We need to encourage the teams and LoCos to either pass on the
>> information to us, or let them post to the Fridge directly.
>> There are a couple of advantages to posting on the Fridge. Obviously
>> the content sticks around much longer and can be retrieved easily
>> later. Items can also be logically tagged so that a reader can
>> subscribe to any specific tag with a news reader.
>> Any thoughts?
>> nick
> The problem I see with that is we(the editors) are going to be swamped 
> with requests to add meetings, events, etc. Not that we couldn't do it. 
> It seems to me if we had a place on Launchpad then we could add teams 
> and who could post from the team and let them do it themselves. ????
> John

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