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On 06/29/2010 03:46 PM, crisi wrote:
> hi,
> I've a translation of firefox 3.6 in friulian. In Friulian there is a
> good language add-on and I've used it to fill the msgstr fields in the
> firefox.po that I've got from launchpad. I'm in the group of friulian
> translators of ubuntu.
> Could I send you the .po with translation of firefox inside for you to
> give me a feedback ? And may be you can get me back the fur.xpi for
> uploading in launchpad. I'd like to enter in this group at now only to
> get po2xpi, that I think will help me in uploading my po to launchpad, I
> hope with a little work.
> I've seen this guide:
> I can also do copy and paste in launchpad, but there are about 30000
> sentences... and it is less precise that using the file address and name
> element.
> So I thought it was better use the great work of fur add-on and then
> review the alternatives. It's more easy see and correct only where
> needed directly on launchpad.
> I think my po is about without errors.
> Can you help me ?
> Then I've seen that thunderbird, firefox and other application are
> together in this 'controlled' policy that don't permit uploading simply
> the po.  So this email.
> May be for thunderbird I will not follow the way to translate the po,
> .... ? I'd like to do also that translation.
> With best regards,
> sorry for my poor written english.
> Mauro

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