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Tony Yarusso tyarusso at
Thu Jul 22 20:34:19 BST 2010

On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 01:05 +0100, Max Bowsher wrote:
> Perhaps your local debconf is configured to only ask you critical
> questions. I took your source package, and was correctly asked the high
> question but not the low question on initial installation (as my debconf
> priority is set to high).

A reasonable guess.  Turns out it was actually because earlier versions
of my package didn't remove cleanly, so the settings were still marked
as seen in the debconf database - manually removing them made everything
fine thereafter.

> Random other things I noticed whilst looking at your source package:
> * Do not call db_go after every db_input - instead, call db_go only
> after a batch of several db_input. This allows debconf frontends capable
> of presenting multiple questions on-screen simultaneously to do so.

Aaah, that makes sense.  I'd heard both ways, but not why.

> * Do not use "Depends: debconf", dh_installdebconf will add the correct
> form of debconf dependency via ${misc:Depends}.

Good catch - thanks.

> * Do not use service to invoke initscripts from package maintainer
> scripts. Instead follow Debian policy:

Okay.  I was sort of under the impression that service was replacing
invoke-rc.d, although without any evidence.  Just out of curiosity,
what's the difference between them?

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