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Am Thursday 22 July 2010 21:34:19 schrieb Tony Yarusso:
> > * Do not use service to invoke initscripts from package maintainer
> > scripts. Instead follow Debian policy:
> >
> Okay.  I was sort of under the impression that service was replacing
> invoke-rc.d, although without any evidence.  Just out of curiosity,
> what's the difference between them?

afaict: service is used to start upstart services, invoke-rc.d starts SysV 
init scripts. 

To my knowledge, the best option is to use dh_installinit -R for the 
init-script, as it will generate the correct code for SysV or upstart (given 
you use the debhelper token in the maintainer scripts).

Oh, just saw another thing while taking a glimpse:
        sed -i 's/\#includedir\ \/etc\/sudoers\.d/includedir\ 
\/etc\/sudoers\.d/' /etc/sudoers 

Please don't modify settings of a different package apart from the official 
interface (that is exactly what sudoers.d is for).

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