MOTU Release Charter

Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Thu Mar 19 23:18:46 GMT 2009

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 3:16 PM, Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at> wrote:
> During the Intrepid cycle the MOTU release team members were asked to come up
> with a charter for the team.  It's taken us some time to get a draft
> together, but this:

Thanks to the MOTU Release team for all the work they've put into this charter.

I don't have any major problems with the charter but I have a couple questions:

  * is the consultation with the doc team upon UI Freeze only for
seeded packages as well? I wasn't totally clear on that one.

  * "targeted goals" and "motu-release goals" are mentioned. Does that
mean MOTU Release will define and publish release goals?

  * somewhat similar to the previous question, I see mentions of
"transitions". Is is MOTU Release going to define and/or accept


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