is that your final decision about removing the game "over God"

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Tue Jun 30 19:43:45 BST 2009

On Tue, 2009-06-30 at 12:44 -0400, Matt Arnold wrote:
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> Shawn McCuan wrote:
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> >>> Is this guy for real?
> >> I sure hope not. I wonder why he hasn't trolled Ubuntu Satanic Edition
> >> already. Or maybe he has and I didn't notice.
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> > This guy is a nutjob.
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> > Support a national popular vote in the US!
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> No he is just obeying one of the dictates of his religion which says
> more or less
> "Never be lacking in zeal" can't remember the exact chapter and versus
> but a line like that exists in one of the four  gospels and then again
> in Acts. I can't fault him for that, nor can i question his sanity. He
> needs to understand however that Ubuntu's mission is not to support his
>   interpretation of his religion, and that removing this game because it
> offends him and might offend other people is akin to censorship. I
> believe it wouldn't be a stretch to say that censorship is totally
> repugnant to what most of us (Developers of and Contributers to Ubuntu)
> believe in. Furthermore I think that God supports free speech as well,
> after all he did give us all free will, but i digress. The point is that
> one user's or group of users views can not be allowed to override the
> mission of Ubuntu or the views of a majority of the people who work  to
> bring it into being. This is why everyone is against removing this
> package from the archive.


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