is that your final decision about removing the game "over God"

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Tue Jun 30 17:44:48 BST 2009

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Shawn McCuan wrote:
>>> Is this guy for real?
>> I sure hope not. I wonder why he hasn't trolled Ubuntu Satanic Edition
>> already. Or maybe he has and I didn't notice.
> This guy is a nutjob.
> smccuan at
> Support a national popular vote in the US!
No he is just obeying one of the dictates of his religion which says
more or less

"Never be lacking in zeal" can't remember the exact chapter and versus
but a line like that exists in one of the four  gospels and then again
in Acts. I can't fault him for that, nor can i question his sanity. He
needs to understand however that Ubuntu's mission is not to support his
  interpretation of his religion, and that removing this game because it
offends him and might offend other people is akin to censorship. I
believe it wouldn't be a stretch to say that censorship is totally
repugnant to what most of us (Developers of and Contributers to Ubuntu)
believe in. Furthermore I think that God supports free speech as well,
after all he did give us all free will, but i digress. The point is that
one user's or group of users views can not be allowed to override the
mission of Ubuntu or the views of a majority of the people who work  to
bring it into being. This is why everyone is against removing this
package from the archive.
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