is that your final decision about removing the game "over God"

Shawn McCuan smccuan at
Tue Jun 30 21:51:10 BST 2009

Alright, rather than summing it up in that way, I suppose I could make it a
little more long winded and more eloquent, although, the exact same meaning
ends up being reached. I do however apologize for my unnecessary ad hominem.

This guy keeps arguing for something on which he has no logical grounds to
support his position. He is merely looking at a program name, demanding
censorship, just because he believes that somehow it is belittling to his
version of a god. He's not taking into account the hundreds of other gods
that the millions of Ubuntu users and developers believe in around the
world. I have yet to see any user of a different religion demand that the
bible study tools should be removed, although I'm positive they are contrary
to many users beliefs.

If this package offends him, he should just choose not to install or use it,
just as Muslims, Hindu's and atheists wouldn't (under most circumstances)
install and/or use bible study tools.

So, the reason for my comment is that he is demanding censorship to place
favor on his religious system, while completely ignoring everyone else's.
I'd like to see a Muslim or a Hindu chim in and request that the bible study
packages get removed because they contradict their religious beliefs, and
see how he responds. Once he see's how the cencorship will work once it's
reversed, maybe he'll learn to be a little more tolerant.
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