is that your final decision about removing the game "*ver god"

Richard JOHNSON nixternal at
Tue Jun 30 16:22:14 BST 2009

On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 09:18:29AM -0400, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Jun 2009 02:22:29 +0300 "vido" <vido at> wrote:
> >that is it for now
> >i`m waiting a respond
> >
> First,  you have not brought this to the MOTU Council yet.  You are having 
> a conversation with various people who work on developing Ubuntu.  Once you 
> decide that this is a dispute that cannot be resolved through discussion, 
> you can raise it with them by writing motu-council at

Please don't bring it to the MOTU Council list, let it die slowly here.
Scott broke it down perfectly. If you feel offended, file a bug. First
thing I will do is get the upstream author's attention to get feedback from
them, as you seem not to be doing. Just because you have an issue with it
doesn't automatically provide the reasoning to remove the package.

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