is that your final decision about removing the game "*ver god"

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Tue Jun 30 14:18:29 BST 2009

On Tue, 30 Jun 2009 02:22:29 +0300 "vido" <vido at> wrote:
>that is it for now
>i`m waiting a respond
First,  you have not brought this to the MOTU Council yet.  You are having 
a conversation with various people who work on developing Ubuntu.  Once you 
decide that this is a dispute that cannot be resolved through discussion, 
you can raise it with them by writing motu-council at

I would encourage you, however, not to do this.  If you ask them to have 
this package removed you need to consider what standard they will apply.  
This standard cannot treat any particular religion more favorably than any 
other (or over being against religion completely).

Ubuntu is a world wide project.  In different parts of the world beliefs 
are different and Ubuntu must acommodate these diverse perspectives as best 
it can.  If the standard is set that any material that involves religion 
that offends anyone must be removed, it will have far reaching effects.

By its nature, all religious material has potential to offend people who 
hold different beliefs.  I forsee the end result of such a policy would be 
the eventual removal of all packages with religious or potentially 
religious content.

As an example, there are Biblical study tools in Ubuntu.  There are parts 
of the world where physical copies of the Bible are very rare.  If these 
tools are removed from Ubuntu, fewer people will have access to it.  I 
don't think this is what you want.

My advice to you is to just ignore this game.  So far you have managed to 
bring some prominence to what was before a very obscure game and got it a 
lot of attention.  My advice is to drop it and let it return to its former 

Scott K

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