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Tue Jun 30 00:47:59 BST 2009

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Hi there,

some time ago I uploaded two new packages for use with the SBLIM SFCB
(Small Footprint CIM Broker) that is already in the multiverse repo
since Intrepid I think. As there only is the sblim-cmpi-base package
available until now I decided to get the source of the other modules and
build them up to be fully compliant Ubuntu packages.

The two that I came up with are:

Those two packages work flawlessly without errors on the computers I
tested (many different x86 and x64 machines).

As I (and others I know of) want those packages into Ubuntu Karmic I
encourage any MOTU to have a look and advocate and/or comment if possible.

Ubuntu is one of the last big distros that lacks a WBEM stack (I've seen
others where OpenPegasus, OpenWBEM AND SBLIM are available with all
their modules). So especially if Ubuntu wants to get a piece of the
business cake there's no way around WBEM as it is practiced standard.

Even Solaris has their own WBEM server fully fledged built-in (although
it's buggy and not maintained very well).

And SBLIM is a very good start because it's very small and easy to
understand (I recently tried compiling OpenPegasus on a Debian 4 system
with not much of luck).

Regards and thanx in advance for any comments/advocates on these,


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