Staging area for REVU uploads?

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Sun Feb 22 13:11:44 GMT 2009

On 22/02/2009, at 12.47, Michael Bienia wrote:

> On 2009-02-21 20:52:47 +0100, Morten Kjeldgaard wrote:
>> Oh, I didn't make it quite clear: I imagine that packages uploaded to
>> the PPA would be the ones that passed reviewing with 2 advocates. So
>> essentially, these package would be in a state ready for upload to
>> Ubuntu's archive. I agree that dealing with every upload in the PPA
>> would be unmanagable.
> I guess I'm missing something here. When a package has two advocates  
> why
> not upload it to the archive? Or do you mean upload it to the archive
> and to the PPA? What's the benefit of it? Is the NEW processing that
> slow that it blocks reviewing?

After FF there's a period of ~ 2 months where we can't upload new  

I would be good to be able to finish the processing of those packages  
that are _almost_ finished, but just didn't make it. While it's still  
in fresh memory of the reviewers and uploaders.

Also,  many uploaders are quite disappointed. It would be a  
consolation if we published those packages that didn't quite make it  
(but still get +2 votes) on the PPA. They should be compiled for the  
version they "missed", currently jaunty. Thus, the PPA would contain a  
"preview" of packages that didn't make it for jaunty, but will be  
included in karmic.


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