Staging area for REVU uploads?

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at
Sun Feb 22 03:45:08 GMT 2009

Hi Morten,

Am Saturday 21 February 2009 19:32:13 schrieb Morten Kjeldgaard:
> Hi MOTUs,
> I propose that we establish a PPA staging area for certain packages in
> There are several reasons why this could be practical:
>   * At times, uploaders submit library packages, and also have other
> packages that depend on that library package uploaded for review. With
> the REVU PPA in listed in the pbuilder environments, it will be easy
> to build and review the dependent packages, without having to wait for
> the library package to reach the final archive.

hm... not too sure: Just adding *all* packages on revu to my pbuilder 
environment is something which I feel uncomfortable with. Personally, I use 
mini-dinstall for this task, because it lets me explicitely select which 
package I want to be able to see in my pbuilder environment.

> * With the packages in a staging area, it would be easier and more
> convienient to invite people to do some preliminary installation and
> testing of the packages.

that's a good point.

> * We can continue some level of reviewing and uploading, even during FF.

With my motu-release hat on, I'm not too fond of this idea: FF has also the 
social component to shift people towards fixing bugs instead of reviewing new 

> * Certain build problems with packages might be exposed before being
> uploaded to the final archive.

Yes. That would be good. I even think, that ideally every package uploaded to  
REVU should get autobuilt. However using a ppa for this would need the 
acceptance of launchpad developers, as it might contain indistributable code. 
Can you check with lp devs about this?

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