Staging area for REVU uploads?

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Sat Feb 21 19:52:47 GMT 2009

On 21/02/2009, at 19.51, Mario Limonciello wrote:

> What happens when someone needs to make changes without modifying  
> the build number?  REVU allows this, but PPAs explicitly wouldn't  
> unless you deleted the old build, waited for the publisher to see  
> the deletion, and reran it.  You'd then run into weird situations on  
> environments that might have already installed a package from the  

Oh, I didn't make it quite clear: I imagine that packages uploaded to  
the PPA would be the ones that passed reviewing with 2 advocates. So  
essentially, these package would be in a state ready for upload to  
Ubuntu's archive. I agree that dealing with every upload in the PPA  
would be unmanagable.

Perhaps an exception from this rule could be made wrt. library packages.

> Generally when people upload to PPAs, they'll append ~ppaX or +ppaY  
> to the revision to reflect the fact that these aren't really in the  
> archive yet.  There can be some confusion especially when there are  
> changes to the packaging, but the build number hasn't changed.

Yes, this is a good point. We may have to solve the problem by  
appending ~ppa*  (or ~revu*) to be able to deal with situations like  
you describe. That extension needs to be stripped on the final upload.


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